Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Press Release

An Anthology of Malaysian Folklore
by ninotaziz

Malaysia has a rich literary heritage in the form of folklore, legends and epics, which has survived the birth and destruction of many civilizations throughout our history. Puisi, pantun, gurindam and syair – epic poems and prose, are but some of the enduring legacies of our forefathers from a millennia ago. Vivid mythical narratives and elegant language provide an enlightening wealth of literary wonder.

This is testimony to our cultured past which is interwoven into the very fabric of our society. The influence of the Islam, Hindu and Chinese made its way over the centuries into our legends and has its own history in its telling.

From The Written Stone is a tribute to this rich legacy and is an anthology of Malaysian Folklore, Legends and Epics rewritten in beautiful prose and poetry. It is a compelling introduction to the most famous legends of the land. The anthology includes retellings on magical princesses, legendary epics and stories of forgotten kingdoms. A favourite for the young and old, tales of The Wily Hero of Malaysia – Sang Kancil are a celebration of the wit and intelligence of the small Sang Kancil, the legendary mousedeer, which saved him from many courtly perils in the dangerous land of the jungle.

The stories are presented with dreamlike quality illustrations carefully selected to represent the magnificence of our diverse cultures.

Published by Utusan Publications and Distributors, FROM THE WRITTEN STONE is now available
at selected MPH Bookstores.


was born in Tasmania, Australia and has been writing ever since she was in primary school. When she was 10, her mother sent her to stay with her grandmother in a quaint and typical Malay kampung - Chenor, Temerloh Pahang primarily to study the Quran. Here began her love for the Malay Hikayats for her grandfather, a retired headmaster had chockful cupboards of books which included folklore of every kind.

ninotaziz firmly believes that legends and folklores represent the elegant and cultured civilisation of our past and should never, never be lost. The fables have shaped our intrinsic values that make us unique and therefore, should be treasured forever.

Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim says…

From The Written Stone, an anthology of Malaysian Folklore, reminds us of a time of grandeur. It subtly tells us of the story of our roots and culture. Sometimes we forget the magnificence around us that has been preserved throughout history. This book revisits this literary splendour.

This anthology is wonderfully written in a new voice that is poignant and lyrical. ninotaziz’s love for the subject is evident in her retellings of these time-honoured Malaysian favourites.

For more information, please call Puan Noor Fuzana Yaakub, Editor Utusan Publications and Distributors
at 03-92856577. ninotaziz can be contacted at , or


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